:::Classic Opoponax by Von Eusersdorff more sensual than ever!:::

The house Von Eusersdorff famous for its historic and mysterious fragrance unveils new for this summer! A perfume with sensuality Classic Opoponax! Text By Savas Varnavas

100ml, 119 euros
"Sixth home fragrance Von Eusersdorff"
The Von Eusersdorff fragrances have the distinction of being
focused on a single note. A contemporary fragrance opening
on pink notes mingling with jasmine wrapped a heart opoponax
with patchouli base of amber, vanilla and a touch of castoreum (oily and smelly secretion produced by special glands by both extant species of beaver gender).
Available at Jovoy Paris
Distributed by Campomarzio70
More information www.voneusersdorff.com