:::VON EUSERSDORFF NEW YORK: A traditional family tradition!:::

I present you my new crush on this great house with a prestigious history and fragrances that I like...

VON EUSERSDORFF , perhaps tells you nothing but the name is part of a family history and heritage of its founding ancestors of the label. A family of merchants in internationnal trade for rare oils and flower essences . Artisanal practice that lasted 3 centuries and was the birthplace of the perfume industry we know today . A name, a history, a heritage. A faultless for this family !


Henfling Camille is the heir of this magnificent heritage businessman by profession, he wanted to reconnect with his roots. Project , an adventure, which allowed him to rediscover the family business.Child, he remembers the fragrant atmosphere in the laboratory of his grandfather. He spent his vacation to explore the rich and aromatic raw materials in family warehouse located in Costa Rica and the Netherlands .

Following his memories and see after the catch was , he moved to Grasse ( perfume the country ) and carries with it some secret formulas found in the family archives .In recent years, he learns about the world of perfumery, the history, but also the creation of a perfume. Today, he works with a team of technicians laboratory known ! He has restored a second wind in the family business with his baggage and know -how .

Its range of fragrance is an olfactory journey into the past but also in our most intimate secrets and memories. An authentic and charismatic collection of innovative and strong perfumes with a minimalist and Zen packaging in black and white with a rectangular bottle design ! Discover without further ado ...



Notes: Mimosa , Vanilla and Bergamot .
My opinion: A fresh fragrance with notes of sea air and the warmth of musk ! A trip to méditéranée ...

Notes: Violet , Vetiver , Patchouli .
My opinion: A warm fragrance but both with sweet violets.

Notes: Sandalwood, Blood Orange , Osmanthus .
My opinion: Intriguing scent , sensual and bewitching ! I love the sweetness and bitterness of blood orange ...

Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Bergamot .
My opinion : A warm and exotic fragrance.

Notes : Lemon, Geranium, Vetiver .
My opinion: A refreshing and spicy scent .

| | | MY FAVORITE | | |
The fragrances are superb! Refined and pleasant smells, a real olfactory journey ... Thanks Camille for all emotions!

My favorite is the heart CLASSIC ORANGE that would wear this summer!
All bottles are 100 ml , priced at 115 euros .

Web page: http://www.voneusersdorff.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/voneusersdorff

I wanted to thank Camille, Darren and his team for their cooperation!

4 , Rue de Castiglione75001 PARIS


E -shop: http://www.jovoyparis.com/manufacturer.php?id_manufacturer=73
Web page: http://www.jovoyparis.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jovoy-Ambassade-des-Parfums-Rares-%C3%A0-Paris/116497115097618?fref=ts
Via Vittoria 50
00187 ROME


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Campomarzio70Distribution?fref=ts
Web Page: http://www.campomarzio70distribuzione.com/coming.php


  1. This story is written in such an eloquent and captivating way. One can almost smell the delicious scents from the Von Eusersdorff House just by reading it. Mr. Savas Varnavas takes the nose of the reader on a Journey through the Joy of Smells with words of wisdom from his love of perfumes. Merci beau coup, Mr. Savas Varnavas.

    Darren Johnson- New York City

    1. A big thank you Darren, this touches me deeply! Actually being a lover of perfumes words come a cloud of perfume ... Thanks to all the team of Von Eusersdorff NY

  2. Great review !! Hugs to Camille from his cousin in Costa Rica. We're all happy Camille made sense of all those old formulas and that his knowledge of perfumes allows for VON EUSERSDORFF to be such a success. Well done Camille and thanks for this great review Savas

    1. All the fun is for me sir! Yes, with a history and a babage from his family! A beautiful gift of life but above all a gift of life! Thank you to you for the positive comment. Savas


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